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Karaoulani office is a real estate agency that combines tradition with progress, intimate relationships with modern technology. It operates mainly in the prefecture of Thessaloniki and is headquartered in Evosmos.

Our experience in the field of real estate and real estate market in combination with the most modern methods of promotion and advertising and having a highly specialized team of partners, allows us to guarantee the best results for the purchase, sale or rental of any property.

For any question, information or query do not hesitate to contact. In case you do not find the property you are interested in on our website, call us. We will do our best for you. Your phone call is important and we will be happy to serve you.

Also, our real estate office undertakes the construction and renovation of offices, shops, homes with the axis of quality satisfaction of your personal needs. We can renovate your space with specialized partners who respect your requirements and suggestions.

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